The Future of Remote-First is Now! (also: Doesn't "Return to Work" imply we stopped working at some point?)

Episode 74 · October 21st, 2021 · 47 mins 37 secs

About this Episode

In this episode, Kendall and rachel talk about:

  • Kendall's amazing inflatable hot tub
  • Having a little bit of guest visit enjoyment, as a treat
  • The quaint marvel that is rachel's small-town paper's Police Blotter (here's the video i reference: )
  • Wildlife encounters
  • Not blaming people who choose safety over working a service industry job
  • The need for a social safety net
  • A heartwarming tale of anonymous free fancy dinner
  • How companies who think "remote first" was just a phase are losing employees to the ones who realize it is the way of the future
  • The investment in support and infrastructure needed to successfully implement a "remote first" workplace
  • Ego-driven leadership and the need to survey one's domain
  • A theory about innovation needing people being in a room together
  • Whether the ability to multi-task during your Zoom meetings /really/ mean you're more productive?
  • How not having drive-by interruptions all day definitely helps
  • The possibility of a cultural split among companies -- in-person culture vs remote-first culture
  • Whether our listeners want more of this kind of episode--let us know!

Special thanks to Mel Stanley for our theme music <3