Seif Lotfy (Axiom)

Episode 95 · November 2nd, 2023 · 48 mins 31 secs

About this Episode

In this episode, rachel, Kendall, and Seif talk about:

  • The pressures of what your parents want, in various cultures
  • Quitting a "good job" because they made you a manager
  • Bringing your team with you to the next company
  • Open source culture and the meritocracy
  • The tensions inherent between product management and innovators
  • Respective hirsuteness
  • When it's the right time to go off the rails
  • Acknowledging a need for the rails
  • A team as a functioning organism, nerdy giant robot references
  • The gravitational pull of excitement and going off-plan
  • Recommendations for "Getting to Yes," "Getting Past No," and "Drive"
  • Smelling things!
  • Reverse engineering what your kid wants

You can find Seif on the Axiom Discord as "Seif"

Special thanks to Mel Stanley for our theme music <3