Get to know your Host—Rachel Perkins (piebob)

Episode 9 · September 14th, 2018 · 50 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

  • Path to leadership: Going from a $3.75/ hour tutoring position to her current job at 
  • rachel talks about designing her own job from the ground up
  • Building community teams versus community programs 
  • rachel discusses how to become such a value to a company they fight to make you stay
  • How she moved on to become an editorial board member at 
  • Learn how to become more approachable and how to not be afraid of showing weakness 
  • How being open with your team will produce better results in communication 
  • rachel talks about her side gig of being a DJ while still using the rest of her free time to participate in MUD gaming 

You can find rachel on twitter at @djpiebob

Special thanks to Mel Stanley for our theme music <3