Yazhi Smith (Vista Equity Partners)

Episode 60 · January 28th, 2021 · 44 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

In this episode, rachel, Kendall, and Yazhi talk about:

  • How Yazhi doesn't know what "old" means ;)
  • A life story framed as Lord of the Rings
  • Growing up with stereotypical Asian parental expectations, coloring within the lines
  • >>recordscratch>> growing up in FIJI?! (Kendall spends 5 minutes squee-ing)
  • rachel's turn to squee, someone who sees the value of useful error logging :heart-eyes:
  • A first taste of travel in the US
  • Personal development smorgasbord at IBM
  • Personal life upheaval driving big changes, no more coloring inside the lines
  • Moving to the US and starting an IT consulting company
  • When people usually rebel, how much of a rule-follower Kendall is
  • Discovering America with gusto, FREE SODA REFILLS :D
  • Trying out the stay-at-home mom thing and not being able to keep still
  • Pivoting to building businesses from home
  • Remembering you're working with actual people, not just resources
  • Managing resistance to new process implementation through curiosity and humility
  • How yet again, the problem is people
  • Getting over yourself to get the job done
  • The Rules and how to ignore them, for the sake of the children
  • Why you should own goats

You can find Yazhi on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/yazhi/

Special thanks to Mel Stanley for our theme music <3