Jibran Kutik (Disney)

Episode 58 · December 3rd, 2020 · 47 mins 36 secs

About this Episode

In this episode, Kendall, rachel, and Jibran talk about:

  • Is art school a weird starting point for a designer?
  • Vowing to never work on web sites (lol)
  • Having an unusually good experience in the gaming industry
  • Getting the full "I moved to SF for a startup and it shut down as soon as I got there" experience
  • Accusations of being responsible for LinkedIn "Stories" ;)
  • When companies don't grow their own leaders
  • A good manager tells you when you need to leave to move forward
  • Bombshell: leaving the SFBA for a startup in the Midwest!
  • Bringing design practices into the insurance industry -- with humility
  • Growing up as a leader alongside the company
  • Partnering with a new-to-tech HR org to build a hiring pipeline
  • Enjoying interviewing candidates
  • What an awesome resource the Rands Leadership Slack is
  • Constant disagreement with everybody ;)
  • Kendall's argument-winning fantasies
  • An amazing lesson learned at the right time
  • Asking for clear direction, transparency works both ways
  • [We are not sponsored by The Morning Show on AppleTV+]
  • Understanding motivation as a way to communicate leadership decisions you don't agree with
  • Being into old cars and how that is a bit of an outlier for a progressive/socialist-leaning person :)

You can find Jibran on Twitter as @jkutik :)

Special thanks to Mel Stanley for our theme music <3