Johnny Sheeley (Fanatics)

Episode 26 · May 23rd, 2019 · 45 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

In this episode, rachel, Kendall, and Johnny talk about:

  • The location of rachel's socks
  • Career growth via dissatisfaction
  • Johnny's path through tech-art school, bus driving, web advertising, high-end apparel customer experiences...and the common thread of communication
  • The complexity of the hardware-sofware interchange
  • MEEP MEEP! And other tales of brute-forcing things
  • Why an interpretive dance is the last thing Johnny would ever want to do
  • Why providing IT services for a non-technical org is harder than it looks
  • Managing one's ratio of dedication to good work-life balance, and seeing it more clearly from the manager vs individual contributor perspective
  • Kendall's evil overlord tendencies
  • The stress of over-accountability vs authority
  • Dispassionate leadership and when it's right to focus on the outcomes only
  • Johnny's enjoyment of recreational falling down and cookie baking
  • How obvious it is that Kendall has never cooked anything
  • The butter and sugar of leadership: giving a shit about people

You can find Johnny on Twitter at @johnny_sheeley

Special thanks to Mel Stanley for our theme music <3