Sarah Zelechoski (ReactiveOps)

Episode 19 · February 14th, 2019 · 46 mins 36 secs

About this Episode

In this episode, rachel, Kendall, and Sarah talk about:

  • Choosing all the available options
  • The value of being able to anticipate the ways in which something will go wrong
  • Using silence as leverage
  • A callback to having to make the choice of scaling your management style vs customizing it
  • Sarah's background in astrophysics and how the funding dance is terrible
  • Falling in love with being helpful
  • A tall step up to VP
  • Mild anxiety around maybe having reinvented the wheel in coming to one's own conclusions
  • How Sarah and rachel are origin story twinsies!
  • Kendall having to interrupt us from staring into each others' eyes
  • Structure in compensation and leveling as a way to offer needed leverage to under-represented groups
  • Having values that make it more comfortable to have authority
  • Turning the tables on rachel vis-a-vis the introversion vs extroversion question
  • The importance of modeling healthy work-life balance
  • Coaching and teaching as an embodiment of 'helping' on an ongoing basis

You can find Sarah on twitter as @szelechoski and on the Hangops Slack.

Special thanks to Mel Stanley for our theme music <3