Ian Colle (AWS)

Episode 14 · November 22nd, 2018 · 40 mins 14 secs

About this Episode

In this episode Kendall, rachel, and Ian talk about:

  • Hipster bicycles
  • Ian's backstory in the military
  • Deciding you like startups, and then ending up at Amazon
  • Developing motivation toward the goal vs using discipline to lead your team
  • Learning from bad managers
  • Management at scale, high-volume hiring
  • Pushing for shared experience for remote vs on-premises team members
  • Realizing that everyone is not like you (gasp!)
  • Having autonomy as a child means it's harder to handle micromanagement as an adult
  • Walking the fine line of projecting confidence vs being vulnerable to your team
  • Kendall learns about the concept of humility (again :))

You can find Ian at @ircolle most places on the internet.

Special thanks to Mel Stanley for our theme music <3